Are any of your relatives GLBTQ?

Aye, matey, I have several
12% (8 votes)
Yup, there are one or two
38% (26 votes)
No way, Jose
20% (14 votes)
I'm not really sure
30% (21 votes)
Total votes: 69


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Nothing is more amusing then

Nothing is more amusing then our family reunions. Most of my uncles are gay and they don't tell their parents, so there is pretty much a large amount of dodging the parents' constant question of getting married. I also have a bunch of transexual cousins, who really confuse the large part of the family because most of them do remember them only as their currnet gender and questions of the past is always dodged... their parents just say that all the pictures and movies were destroyed in a moving accident. That is my mom's side of the family. My dad's family is a bunch homophobes, they pretty much say I am just a tomboy or that I have psychological problems from exposure to my mom's side of the family. But still in both sides of my family it is stay in the closet or die.

If being gay is a disease, I might as well call in sick for the rest of my life.

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well, for as long as i had ev

well, for as long as i had ever known, i was the black sheep of the family, then when i told my mom, she said apperently my aunt was bi, and she just never told me and my sister cause she's married to a guy now, and we were too young to remember her girlfriend, so they just never told us. *shrugs*

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Yup. My mom! ~If we were

Yup. My mom!

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well i really dont know so, and dont care ether so...

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I guess i have a cousin who i

I guess i have a cousin who is bi, which i just found out about a few months ago. I knew him, just not that he was bi. My mom finally told me when she found out about me, and said that i should be careful, because he has aids. She made it sound like he had Aids because he was bi. I don't get it. My dad's step sister (don't know if it counts) is gay. She was married to a guy, and had a kid, then discovered she was gay, and her girlfriend or whatever she is, lives with them now. She does have issues, she blamed my dad for raping her or something when she was younger, which is bull, because he didn't even live there when she claims he raped her, and my dad wouldn't do that, but she felt like she had to blame someone. If i have any other relatives who are GLBT, I don't know about it


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My sister, our pets, and my one cousin- that I know of. There's probably more. She (my cousin) is currently visitng from Germany. It's the funniest thing because she brought her, as my mom says "female friend" and has shaved her head. This caused my aunt, her stepmom, to put them out in their motor home instead of one of the many guest rooms.

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my sister is...and were prett

my sister is...and were pretty sure my aunt is bi

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I have several first cuzins and 2nd cuzins also...
I think my sister goes both ways but she never really has said.
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I have two grandmothers who are together... People at my school think it's really weird. I'm not ashamed, though. I'm used to having gay grandmas. Personally, I think it's strange to have a grandfather who lives with your grandmother. It's just the way it is for me. It's not like I don't have a grandfather; he was once married to my grandma, but they got divorced. He's a really nice guy who I rarely ever see and who loves my singing voice. But I can't imagine him living with my grandmother. I think my two grandmas belong together, and I just wish all of the homophobes out there could see how much they care about each other.

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had a bi uncle, got murdered,

had a bi uncle, got murdered, so not anymore.

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69 th Vote :P

Yay im the 69th vote :P....anyways im not really sure if there are anymore in my family...
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