arggh grr garrrrH *monster sounds

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I really miss Edmonton lately... I just don't have very good friends here and I miss the ones I used to have. They never were shocked by me. All they usually did when I told them stories or personal things was smile and tell me that they would always be my friend. I invited a friend over to watch movies last night but he never showed up so I was a little miffed at him but then I decided I wanted to just be alone. I phoned all my sisters back in Edmonton instead and I felt better. They are doing fine but sometimes I feel like I went away from my home to fight a war and sometimes it becomes so treacherous and scary and I can't help but feel all alone. The war is mainly in myself. I gain territory in some areas but then I lose in others and right now I feel that my defense has become weakened and I am very sensitive. War is too hard when you don't have strong allies and you don't understand your enemy. Living alone is... well, lonely hehehe.

If I moved back to Edmonton I'd like to get a job at a clothing store like Thriftys and I would like to volunteer at the Pride Centre or do small part- time work there. That would be nice. I would like to live close to my friend Ashley because we are still very close friends and her family is so nice.


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I'm sorry to hear things aren't going too great for you. But keep strong and remember you have allies here on Oasis^_^ I'm here to talk whenever you want.

So you're new to wherever you are? Things seem to be rough at first, but you'll adjust. It may take time, but just remember through it all you have your sisters back home that still love you. Hope things get better ^_~

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