AUGH!!!! stupid avatar!

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okay, i want a new avatar. I got a pic, it's 75x75, but every time i try to upload it, it tells me it's too big. grrrrr.....

any advice?

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crop it? "Never apologize

crop it?

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If you have Photoshop you can

If you have Photoshop you can go to the help menu and resize the image.

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the biggest it's supposed to

the biggest it's supposed to be is 85x85...why is it telling me it's too big is my question...

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Maybe the file size of your p

Maybe the file size of your pic is more than 30KB


Is it a JPEG file? if not then save it so it is, that might work and if not, then you can "save as" in Photoshop and then click save in the next window, after there is the JPEG options and at the bottom there is the option to make the KB size smaller....Hope this makes sense and helps.

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To resize an avatar...

Go here to resize avatars.
It worked for me.

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If it's animated or something, it's probably more than 30K.

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*cries* it's not animated. it

*cries* it's not animated. it's only like 9k and it's 75x75. i don't know why it won't let me put it up.

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open properties

Ok firstly if you have the avatar on your computer or on a server site- right click on it and find out what the px size is. The amount of pixals in an image determines its size. 75x75 might not be in pixals and its possible (I think) that the details of the image may add to its overall size. Secondly make sure its a .jpg image and not a .bmp. .bmp takes up HUGE amounts of memory.

Other than that Hmmm - not sure what you can do.
Good luck