but i can't get help??

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I help a hell of a lot
of ppl on here and I'm happy
to do so. But you all
must understand *cough jeff*
that I don't get on here
for any other purpose than
to give and get advice.
That's why I always seem upset.


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Not my point...

I was pointing out that you seem to always have some source of frustration in your posts, and that is might represent a pattern whereby you always want something to be frustrated about.

I have no qualms with anyone coming here on a repeated basis for help and support, but it is worth exploring whether you seek out frustration rather than resolution on a regular basis.

Plus, you get frustrated with a lot of things you don't control (not a unique thing on here), but still... your father took your bird out and it flew away (which of these things can you control? neither), your sister is dating your ex (again, which of these things do you control? neither). And, as soon as the bird came back and the boyfriend issue resolved... you went on to another source of frustration, just seems like a pattern.

There is enough in life that needs to be sorted out without taking on additional things in which you have no part/control. If you can't control fathers, birds, ex's, and sisters, why give them the ability to control you?

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