Came out!

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TO MY MOM!!! I'm so happy! And she was fine with it...her reply was "Oh, ok--that's great, and I'm glad you trust me," (more or less). Then, I called my best friend Kate to tell her, and she said she was super proud of me, etc. Anyway, my mom comes into my room half-way through our call, so I tell Kate I'll call her back. My mom gave me the whole "I'm glad you could trust me, etc..." speech. Then she said "Umm...does Kate know?" My reply: "Hah! Yes, Kate knows. Kate knew before...well, anybody." Mom: "Even before you?" Me: "Well, yeah...she did." She JOKED about it! JOKED about this newfound knowledge. That is a GREAT sign! Man...I couldn't be happier...


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GREAT JOB!!!!!! "Never apo


"Never apologize for saying what you feel. It's like apologizing for being real."

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That is awesome!!! Glad to he

That is awesome!!! Glad to hear ur mom took it real well

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