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In my country we don't get circumcised once we're born, it's more or less considered a personal choice. And I didn't really think about it till recently, basically because of two episodes I watched:

1) "Sex And The City", Charlotte was dating a guy who wasn't circumcised and when the others heard they all went like "ewww".

2) "Nip/Tuck", the main character's son wasn't circumcised and cut his own penis because his dad wouldn't let him get the surgery.

So, I'm wondering, is it so important? I haven't been circumcised, btw.

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is that a thing they cut on the penis?? if is that it is iportan to do it, well i know i'm a girl but i have a brother and a cousin and i've ask them about that and they told me if a guy doesnt do it he cud get big infections in there penis ...ewww and a nother thing they say is make's it look biger i dont beleve it so...ewww this is nasty.

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i'm circumcised yo! lol i'm jewish, so for us it's important, a sign of our covenant with God, so i was circumcised since i was eight days old. so....for jews, it's important, very important...infact it's kind of belong to the club yo! lol, for shiz!
anyway, for non-jews, i don't think it is that important, there are some benefits though. i think a lot of people for starters like the look of a circumcised penis more so than a non-circumcised penis, it makes it easier to pee coz there's no foreskin getting in the way... hm, i heard it makes u'r penis more sensitive too, so like supposedly better orgasm...but i'm not sure hey...
personally btw, i don't really give a flying fuck if a dick is circumcised or not....can't afford to be that fussy!
take care yo

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Being circumcised or uncircum

Being circumcised or uncircumcised doesn't really make a difference in any part of a dudes life(unless it's for religious reasons). This is a scientific fact. Many people used to say that if u were circumcised u wouldn't/would be sensitive or that ur risk of penile or testicular cancer would be reduced,which is utter crap!! The truth is that if someone uncircumcised doesn't wash under the foreskin(the bit of skin they remove when ur getting circumcised),smegma builds up there,which becomes a yeast infection and leads to penile cancer at the most or phismosis/paraphismosis(when the foreskin can't be pulled under the glans[head of the penis]/when the foreskin can't be pulled over the glans). Also it's a lot more painful the older u are. However,anasthetics can be employed(at most a numbing gel,meaning it will hurt a little,but this does have some risks). The counterpart(that is for women),is to have a clitorectomy(removal of the clitoris,the female version of the glans) or removal of the vulva. It's not done in many hospitals though coz it's considerd barberic,although some African tribes prefer to perform clitorectomies as a right of passage into adulthood.

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This is basically correct.

This is basically correct.

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First - get a spell checker.
Second of all - circumcision has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
Third - circumcision has been shown to reduce the of HIV infection.

This is a scientific fact. It does matter.

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You do realize you're commenting on a nearly two year old thread?


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being circumsised is kind of

being circumsised is kind of important because if you dont clean uner the skin you have a big chance of getting genital warts and it probably will scar you for life if you get it when your older because they give you a few pain killers but you have to stay awake the whole process (i payed attention during sex-ed) and i know most of this cause it happened to my uncle (really embarassing):P

dont try to fix me cause im not broken jackass

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One of the only reasons that

One of the only reasons that people get infections is that they are too lazy to have good hygene, and as for the sensetivity, it doesn't make it more sensitive, it make it less sensitive because the head is rubbing on the inside of your clothes all the time while the uncircumcised
penis is in a protective sleeve, so when you have sex it is not used to so much stimulation and is more sensitive.
plus there are nerves in the forskin that get removed.

Can you tell that I wasn't?

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No it really isn't important unless it is done for a religious or personal reason. If you are uncircumcised all you have to really worry about is keeping the area under your foreskin clean. Healthwise there is no more risk than having a circumsised penis. Personally I'm opposed to it, but I support it if it is a personal or religious choice. As for me I like my penises either way. I have heard that uncircumcised penises are actually MORE sensitive because of the extra protection the foreskin offers. I personally support this conclusion based on the fact that i'm uncircumcised. Though I shall have to conduct my own investigations to determine this fact. : P

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To cut or uncut that is the question?

Wether tis nobler to be cut and have a head or
be unscathed and have a hood....Hummm
Me thinks there be something rotten in the
Hey I am cut and I perfer my men cut as when I get
down on my knees and start to sniff around there
is an odor to those uncut pieces of meat...and it
is called not cleaning it properly...Sometimes
guys dont clean it properly and can get infections
which can lead to other things and could lead up to
getting it CUT OFF...yuck...who would like that...not me
as others here have said that some do it for
religious reasons...such as jews and arabs to show
a covenant with God...Others do it because "They
did it to me so I guess I'll do it to my son"
and some do it for anti cancer reasons which by the way
are no longer necessary as long as its kept clean.
again peronally I like them cut.
oh and I am cut too...maybe that is why I like them
cut as I know what mine is like so....hummmmmmm
Oh and the sencitive thing is bull too...Mine is
just as sencitive as an uncut one is
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that of common sense.

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ewwww,ewwww,ewww the part of "nees" is nasty bob...

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hhhhmmm, aroma of big juicy c

hhhhmmm, aroma of big juicy cock!

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nasty nasty...

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tehe sorry

tehe sorry

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... ;-)

xoxoxo........ ;-)

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To those of you who are spreading propaganda about uncut penises being unhealthy:
It's not true.

Healthwise, as long as the owner cleans properly under his foreskin, there is no difference between a cut and an uncut penis.

As for the sex part.... There is no doubt that the forskin carries many nerve-endings, so removing it will make it less sensitive. But I think most guys know that both types work just fine ;)


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Circumcision has been shown to reduce the rate of penile cancer and HIV infection.

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lol talkin' bout foreskin...

lol. Nothing wrong with a guy who has/hasn't been circumcised. Doctors used to cut them off at birth, because they used to believe it was cleaner like that. They generally don't do that anymore, because as long as you wash it and keep it clean, you're good. In certain religions, circumcision is done, too. In my opinion, uncut's a lot hotter. (As long as the guy keeps himself clean. Otherwise, it can be *so* gross.) The foreskin holds the hightest concentration of nerve endings in the entire penis, so unless you *really* wanna/hafta get circumcised, I'd say leave it the way it is. But, as I first said, there's nothing wrong with it either way. Btw I'm uncut.

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I never would have guessed, based on that post.

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It's not a big deal at all. By the time someone is about to see your penis, it will be the right penis, because it's yours. (Unless you're a big slut, but then, still... same rules apply, except substitute "it's there" for "it's yours").

Circumcision is done routinely here for a simple reason, insecure fathers who want their son to look like them and a medical industry that gets to tack an easy albeit unnecessary surgery bill onto an already expensive maternity bill.

As for some of the other talk here, err... it's all hygiene. I mean, seriously, if you're about to rim someone and their ass smells, would you blame the ass or the owner?

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INSECURITY? What are you

What are you talking about? Are you casting the religious aside?

Circumcision has been shown to REDUCE HIV INFECTION AND PENILE CANCER

And the medical industry. Great you're bashing the thing that's making you live. Go tell me how life is when you cast aside Salk's advents.

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that foreskin containes 150,000 nerve endings (the things that make you feel) without it, your body produces a type of kartine that hardend the skin around the head, which reduces sensitivity,
there is no proof that having a circumcision helps prevent HIV or any other STD

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Not true at all. There's abo

Not true at all. There's about as much proof to your claim as the one about circumcision preventing HIV transmission; it's largely anecdotal and based on a miniscule, unreliable body of research. The keratinization is minimal at best and has a negligible effect on sensation. Science!

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Circumcision does prevent HIV infection and it reduces the risk of penile cancer.

It probably has to do with the fact that micro tears are less likely to happen when there isn't so much extra skin.

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Goddammit, not here too. E

Goddammit, not here too.

Everywhere I go, someone has to bring up this topic, and I've gotten tired of it really quickly. It's a stupidly insignificant issue that people love to argue about for days on end.

Suffice to say, the saying that a circumcized penis is "less sensitive" than an uncircumcized one really means nothing . . . sensitive in what way? To touch? No, actually, it's not. There's no evidence of that. To sexual actions in general? No, no proof of that either. There has been exactly ZERO conclusive evidence, and the least biased studies and experiments (because this is a very biased topic, I doubt there are any truly unbiased studies) tend to point to a miniscule, negligible (if any) difference at all in the sensitivity and sensation of circumcized vs. uncircumcized penises.

Here is a nice link that was recommended to me by a sexologist (a woman, for what it's worth) on the topic of circumcision that she said was about as close to unbiased as you're going to get:

There. Read it. Follow the links to the studies. Whenever people debate talk about this, it always ends up going into speculative (and completely unreliable) evidence that circumcision reduces sexual pleasure, or that it causes traumatic emotional and mental scarring, or that having a foreskin will significantly increase your chances of penile cancer. Frankly, it's all bullshit. People who are circumcized/uncircumcized want some sort of scientific proof that they are somehow more "well-equipped" than each other, and, lo and behold, it doesn't exist.

In conclusion:
1)There is no measurable or statistically significant difference in any sort of sensation between circumcized and uncircumcized penis
2)Uncircumcized penises are not unhealthy or unclean, in any way
3)They're penises for god's sake! Unless you are somehow unable to have a meaningful life because of your foreskin (or lack of one), does it really matter?

Also, just to comment on the original questions regarding the TV shows . . . it's quite common for people to be circumcized in the USA and is most citizen's idea of what a penis looks like, and since "Sex And the City" takes place in America, it makes sense that the women would be less familiar and less accustomed to being in contact (haha) with uncircumcized penises. That being said, the show is incredibly unrealistic, and frankly, if they really cared that much that the person she's sleeping with has a foreskin, then they are probably assholes anyway.

As for "Nip/Tuck" . . . once again, not realistic at all. Also, why would this kid want to be circumcized, if he wasn't at birth? Were people making fun of him in the locker room or something? If he really cared that much about it, I'm sure he could've waited until he was 18 and gone and gotten the procedure himself when he didn't need his parent's permission. It just seems kinda stupid.

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seems to me you love talking

seems to me you love talking about it?

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jajaja, that sounds funny.

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Touche. I tend not to touc


I tend not to touch the subject unless someone else brings it up. I get very worked up in debate/discussion, on any subject, and this one is a bit more personal, than, say, a discussion about the legal drinking age, or whether religion is a good thing. About 2 years ago, maybe a little less, I knew very, very little about this topic, and was prompted to do some research when I kept seeing it on message boards all over the place.

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Hey, NovaCat, Why don't you R

Hey, NovaCat, Why don't you READ peoples comments BEFORE you try to shoot them down?. "there is no proof that having a circumcision helps prevent HIV or any other STD". READING!

Coincidence is merely a refuge for the uninspired.

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Um, that's not what I said at

Um, that's not what I said at all. In fact, I said the exact opposite: my point was that there is NOT any proof that circumcision prevents HIV transmission. There were like two very limited studies done recently that suggested that, but the scientific community at large has basically said that they amount to nothing.

Maybe you should take your own advice and READ what I said, instead of what you think I said. Of course there isn't any proof that circumcision prevents HIV. Why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T. Is my point clearer now? Sheesh.

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My opinion might not be very

I hear as long as you clean under the foreskin having an uncircumsized penis is as normal as a circumcised one. It really doesn't matter. It isn't dirty or anything like that as long as you keep it clean but the same goes for everyone male/ female, circumsized/ uncircumsized. Don't worry about it too much. And if your future partner(s) care about such a small detail then they are just shallow and aren't worth your time.

P.S. I am quite offended by NovaCat's comment about female sexologists and their opinions about penises (Quote~ "A woman for what it's worth"). It is very sexist. I happen to know a very profesional and knowleagable sexologist that is female and just because she doesn't have a penis herself doesn't make her opinion worthless.

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You misunderstood what I was saying . . .

My comment was not meant to be sexist, though reading it now, it appears so. Sorry, I should've worded it better.

My point in making that statement was not that females don't have valid opinions on circumcision; in fact, just the opposite. I value this female sexologist's opinion on the topic FAR MORE than a male's opinion because the vast majority of women don't have to deal with the subject of circumcision on a personal basis, and thus can make more unbiased claims about it. If you ask a circumcised male, chances are he will defend circumcision, whereas if you ask an uncircumcised male, he will defend being uncircumcised. Women, generally, don't get circumcised, and therefore, will not be unfairly influenced by having had said operation or not.

That's why I thought it was important to state that this person was a woman; that way, it's harder to denounce her opinion as propaganda from a "pro-circumcision" or "anti-circumcision" standpoint.

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yes. i disagree with novacat too

eventhough you're circumcised, you'll still get HIV. in our country, it is in our culture that men get circumcised at the age of 12-17; most men in our country are circumcised. but still, how come there are men (in our country, that is) who have HIV, albeit they're circumcised? I believe what NovaCat has just said is a fallacy.

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Note: I NEVER said that. I s

Note: I NEVER said that. I said the opposite: there is NO good evidence that circumcision prevents HIV.

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god every body makes cirumcision a big of a deal, is so stupid.

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If you were a guy it would be a BIG deal if someone wanted to

cut off part of your dick...
Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense.

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eew! penises!! haha.

eew! penises!!



i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

28:06:42:12...the tangent universe awaits...

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