Come Sail Away

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I'dunno what it is, but I've been thinking alot about death in dying. This song seems to add alot to that being that it's about just that. The song's melody is absolutely gorgeous, especially the beginning. I know the song by heart, and that's probably a good thing because the marching band's production is going to be a compilation of songs by Styx. (I'm in the marching band.) The beginning just moves me so much, where the tempo is so slow, and there's alot of sweet singing. In fact, the whole album (The Grand Illusion) is beautiful. When I sleep at night, I just want to know that someone is going to be with my when I pass on, someone I can share my body and soul with, someone to ride that ship with me. God knows how many times I've failed at finding love. I mean, I haven't had an actual relationship in the two years I've had of being gay. Sure, I've had a couple of online buddies, but I want someone to be there with me, holding my hand when pressure seems too hard, which I don't doubt will.

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I know what you mean

I use to feel the same way you are feeling, the sort of feeling that says I may never find anyone who is gay or anyone that I can be with instead of talking online. I had someone, but lost her... you know that. I guess what I am trying to say is don't give up. One day someone will come along for you. Don't give up and don't change your ways:)

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I get that too, fearing that

I get that too, fearing that i will never find anyone to love that will love me back. The way i deal with it is my friends. I'm out to two of them; one of them it is great the other way its been kinda tough. But i have lots of friends that i know will support me no matter what, even if they don't love me the way i love them. That is how i comfort myself.

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We're alike, you and I...

I'm in pretty much the same boat as you... except I'm in the void of Iowa, where gay guys are just as rare as a redneck who loves Opera. Wierd metaphor, I know (*sorry*). But as I look ahead in my life, I see a blinding brightness, just after the swirling black void of death and destruction. Life's going to get all "bitches n' hoes!" before getting happy fun. I know you probably don't want another online buddy, but I'm here.

Oh, and I'm my marching band's drum major. We're doing Styx too, just not "Come Sail Away."

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