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Last night I had an odd dream. No odder than most of them but I felt like sharing anyway. I was in this huge arena with a ton of other people. Suddenly a guy comes and starts to throw pills into the crowd. I didn't get one so I went to find him. Finally I did and I got myself one. I swallow it and turn into a guy. Somehow I knew that this was going to happen before I took it. Of course I went to try out my new parts but I was interupted by a guy that needed to go to the bathroom. Then I turned back to a girl. It was really disappointing and I spent the next llittle while trying to find the man with the pills again. That's all that I can really remember right now. It was a nice dream. *Sigh* They always have to end, don't they.


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the first time i read it i thought you said he threw pillows...

***love the number 7***

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wow, that dream was up there

wow, that dream was up there with mine in the weird department. I have so much fun with weird dreams.

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