Eating habbits.

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My body is trying to make me vegan. I can't get near dairy or eggs without getting a minor stomach ache. Just enough to make me not want to eat it. I haven't been able to eat chocolate either. ._. It's really weird. And plus vegan butter is gross and there's this really good ice cream store and I don't want to be vegan! Argh! But forcing myself to eat something is even worse. And that's the only way I can get the stuff down. Mabye I'll get over it or something. (I hope I will but I have this feeling I won't.) Well, I haven't been TOO scared of eggs because I can eat bread okay. (though it's not great.) But cookies and stuff are like no.

Mabye it's because I didn't eat much of anything with milk or eggs in it for a while...? I dunno, but I'll figure something out.

In other news Sora (My crush and best friend) had her hand on my lap yesterday. It was really... akward. She also put her head in my lap and stuff. I think she's convinced I'm some sort of cusion or stuffed bear. Though to be totaly honest I don't really mind so much, except for when it hurts, then I do mind.

I'm still partly convinced that all of this is super-friendly-ness, and she dosen't like me back like that. Though I don't expect her too. Though if she does that's a plus. ^^ But at this rate it's getting harder and harder to belive the super-friendly theory. I mean, she hasn't mentioned anything about cute guys for a little while now, which is really weird for her. And whenever her sister, Axel (That's what we call her.), brings up the topic of gay people she goes silent, which is also weird. (Sora normally talks a lot.) Mabye she's thinking. Do you see my reasons for suspicion? If not I have a whole list of things like this. X3

Speaking of Axel, the other day she said, "What if I told you that I was lesbian?" (Yes it's normal for her to ask questions like that.) I told her I'd have a hard time beliving it. She seems to like guys, a lot. Though I could be mistaken. I probably should have used that as an opprotunity to come out but I didn't think of it at the time. (Which is weird, because I used to be looking for opportunitys like that all of the time.)


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been vegan for more than two years now, it gets really easy...

There is good vegan ice cream, and such. Although I don't really go for any of the substitutes of butter, cream cheese, cheeses, etc., those are usually more things that people use when they first go vegan to ease the transition. Largely just habit. If I taste butter on my food now, it is unpleasant.

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That makes sense, when my fam

That makes sense, when my family became vegitarian when I was 2 I had a hard time understanding what was going on. But I've been vegitarian (mostly) since. And any meat is really just gross to me at this point.

But it's werid, because I like cheese and ice cream, some vegan cheeses are okay. And I like some vegan ice cream, but it's like, not the same. You know? But I guess this is what I get for saying I wanted to become vegan a few years ago and not doing it. XD

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wat is vegan??

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