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Okay well i dont really know what im writting but i am.
So much is happening to me, so much that i can't even see, so many words of wisdom that i am trying to be, catch me if i should fall, and even more, so understandingly.....

Hmm. my mum does not want me, to have any contact with one of my best friends. The ex for 1, and ema for 2. I really love ema, she's my besty! (not love as in love love, i mean love as in i care about her a lot.) So yeah. I have been sneaking around to see her. Doing exactly what my mum wants me not to do. wat do u guys think i should do? the reason why im not aloud to see her is 'u have lied to us, kept secrets from us and have been sneaking around'... guys help me.

now to some up some things that have been going on.

1. the ex is trying to get back with me.

2. i like somebody and they know i like them :S :D

3. i think im comming down with a cold or something.

4. last saturday we drew our netball game, 15 all.

5. last night i went to zone3 for my bro's 13th b.day party.

6. Me and my mate steph snuk out to an ice-cream shop.

7. My new fav flavour of ice-cream is mango sorbet. Yum.

8. I am really health conciouse atm.

9. My friends think i might be going back to my old eating habits.

9.5- i went through this stage when i was 13, i would not eat anything, they said i was on the verge of... anyway i was underweight.

10. i love my life.

11. i went to thredbo the other day, fell of a cliff, heavily brused, but hey, it was fun, i want to go again.

12. im kind of tired, its 8pm.

13. i cant wait to move to brisbane, adam, alex we are going to have a blast, dont you think?

14. Apparently i am a flirt. I SO AM....

15. yeah school sucks, i have it tomorow.

16. this is my worst journal entry.

Lisa-maree, was here.


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Hey it's not that bad a journal entry. Pleasantly random

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"