Falling Stars

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Falling stars, million wishes
He just sighs, he can’t think
All those wishes, none is his
The sky cries and he sinks

Music’s loud but he’s numb
He can’t feel all those words
Rueful lyrics he once sang
They don’t touch him, he’s gone

Yep he’s gone, gone to where?
Closes eyes, ears and hands
What’s this place? He can’t tell
All he knows is he’s done

He doesn’t know what he’s got
He’s so lost he can’t be found
Is this place what he sought?
No, the other way around

Tries to turn, the path is gone
Fire around, HE DID NO SIN
He just IS what is wrong
He just found it WITHIN

Noone knows what he did
Many versions, all true
Cause, you know, I’m that kid
And, you know, You Are Too