fame... i'm gonna live forever... i'm gonna learn how to fly HIGH!

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god i love that tv show! has anyone else seen it? i love performing. i'm often performing 24/7. i'm sort of tired. i have an english essay due monday and i haven't finished it. good news is that there's a really good chance i'm going to win a $200 scholarship to a series of musical theatre workshops! bad news is i want to strangle my drama teacher! she's such a pain in the arse, and a really bad director. i think she should give up teaching and become a toilet cleaner. i think i'm going to write some more of my english thingo. what do you guys think?

i think i've become sexually dead. i haven't felt sexual feeling in 3 days. my natural buzz has worn off and i'm back in my old rut. i popped a few neurofen plus before (REALLY REALLY strong panadol) and that killed off my demon headache, but now i just feel blah. blah blah blah.