Fed up...

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I've had enough.

Vacation with mom earlier this month was bad to say the leasst, with her being upthight about the slightest details, making a big deal out of almost anything. The fact that I'd brought a friend to hte cottage who got ill while we where there, didn't make matters any better. Basically, three days after he leaves, mom and I snap at eachother, and nothing has been the same since. She sent me home packing, with only my savings to live for. My depression was more stable than ever while I was living by myself, and she was a 2 day drive away. I could finally live freely, and do as I pleased, visiting friends whenever I wanted and making dinner when I felt like it.

Then suddenly, she returns. I had decided to be on my best behavior, in the hopes of coming to an agreement with her. It almost worked, until she attempted to hijack my life once more, and I freaked. She started making plans for what I was going to do with the rest of my vacation: working in the garden, cleaning the house, etc. etc... Not gonna happen, I thought. So while she went shopping, just after having another go at me about doing this and that, unconditionally, on her time, when she felt like it, I filled a backpack and left.

She has no understanding whatsoever that I'm having trouble coping as it is, and that her constant outbursts, which always involves yelling at me, are only making me worse. This I've tried to tell her, but she doesn't seem to be getting the message, or even wanting to for that matter. If I'm ever going to move on with my life, and get on top of things, the most important thing right now would be for her to leave me alone, and be patient with me. We both have strong personalities, and when we fight, it usually isn't a pretty sight. But I can't handle it any longer.

Last night I spent at my best friend's house. Mom called, so she know's I'm here, which means I'll be moving on to stay with someone else until I've had time to think. It's just hard not being able to confront her properly, without all my other problems standing in the way.



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Kind of sounds like my mom, m

Kind of sounds like my mom, minus the yelling part (shes sneaky about it) It sucks that your vacation got cut short, but I guess you kind of had one anyway, being alone in your house and free to do your own thing and all. Hope things get better between you and your mom!