First Day Of School = Alot Of Hiding And Finding

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alrite so im a cheerleader and we had to wear our outfits today...and im surprised at how i acted.....i told myself i was gonna be different this seperatin school from home..alrite ill admit it im gonna not be myself cuz noone understands and i senitive and get hurt easly so that..well bak to wat i was sayin i acted like confident..outgoin like and i luved it and bysides that i got looks...well anyways my bestfreind and me r not bestfreinds anymore idk wat she says..but im not surprised (little hurt) but not surprised ive always jus had a bf for jus a year (cuz of movin) but now that im here to stay till graduation i think i need to get one and keep'em so i wont have to many people nowin to much bout me...another thing today was this girl i mean wen i saw her it was like wow she came in rite from the door and the sun jus shined..u know like tha movies when u see the special person and its like the suns jus rite when u see'em...thats wat happened...i hope i see her tommorow cuz well i think she has athletics but if not ill find a way cuz i pretty much hang wit i can jus sit wit someone next to her and thats how it starts....nothin else so byz...oh we have a hot new coach i mean shes fine so its gonna be hard to concentrate in byz