First Gay Date....maybe

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Last night for the first time in my life a girl asked me out. We exchanged our emails but woah am I nervous. If we decide to go out somewhere I have no idea what I'll say...or wear...and there is the possibility of people seeing us..Im not really out to many people...ok so basically im just babbling cuz im excited/nervous...And I donno if I like the girl, I mean she is nice and I didn't want to be mean and say no. In that case should I not go on date with her? oy, so many things are going through my head, lol
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Hey.Well your never going to

Hey.Well your never going to know if you like her if you don't go out and spend some time with her.Thats why people start going on dates,to get to know each other.I think you should go and have fun and wear watever you are comfortable in.Good luck,enjoy:)

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