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So I was at lunch today with the girls from my living learning community at school, we all came together after we met with our academic advisor, it was about 12.00, and I was joined by M an older classmate who I met through some friends at home and started here last year, anyway there were three of us with L and we were talking about people being let inside the buildings that don't have keys and how it's against campus policy and how things have been stolen in the past and I mentioned that my sister and her boyfriend had come by yesterday to bring me this thing to use as a nightstand and how I was a little alarmed that they had just been let in the building by someone other than myself and how the girls that saw T, my sister's boyfriend had smiled and said hi and appeared generally thrilled to see someone of the male persuasion....and M responded with "You should really see how the straight girls get when they've been here a while."

M isn't gay, but she knows that I am through mutual friends and whatnot, it's nice that she's cool with it, rather comforting, but it was kind of alarming because when you single out "straight girls" it kind of implies that someone is not straight.... Which brought me to the whole coming out at school immediately after arrival issue.

I would like to just be openly gay and all that but it's kind of a daunting thought, I was out at school last year but I was out to people I knew and felt comfortable around and in an environment where I knew I would be safe, I have no doubt that I'll be fine here, but I'm still hesitant.


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Hmmm....If you aren't sure ye

Hmmm....If you aren't sure yet maybe just wait and see what its like there. It will probably end up being safe and a comfortable place to be out though. At least you know you already have some support!

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Then just be, your school is

Then just be, your school is in the bay area, not much of a problem, anyways Mills has always seemed as a rather open community. But yes, the presence of a boy will do wonders to straight girls who have been in an all girl enviroment. Lol, I go to an-all girls school in the peninsula and they ponce on any boy who isn't taken when they are on campus it is just a classic image. I brought my bestfriend to visit and he got ponced by a total of 30 girls in an hour. But I heard it wares off, I mean most of the of the girls in my senior class don't ponce anymore. But man I am itching to get into Mills also.

If being gay is a disease, I might as well call in sick for the rest of my life.