GLBT books and manga

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ok heres the list of ones ive read and loved:

keeping you a secret, and luna by julie anne peters

geography club, and order of the poison oak by brent hartinger

rainbow boys, rainbow high, and rainbow road by alex sanchez

so hard to say by alex sanchez

the blue lawn by someone i forget :(

hello, i lied by M.E. Kerr

the house you pass on the way by jacquline woodson

empress of the world by sarah ryan

thats all i can remember:(
o and the manga ive read is

still working on the gravitation series and the loveless series i love them all :)

so if u know of any other good GLBT book or
manga just tell me please. im writing a report on it so i need all the help i can get :D

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FAKE, is excellance in 7 volu

FAKE, is excellance in 7 volumes of shear shonen-ai love. Legal Drug is indeed a legal drug.

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i read keeping u a secret and

i read keeping u a secret and thought it was pretty good. another by her is 'far from xanadu' it was brand new last year, so its pretty new

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I like the Legal Drug mangas.

I like the Legal Drug mangas... and Eerie Queerie. Plus i like to draw/write my own

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*attacks you* GRAVITATION IS


*Composes self* Anyway. Julie Anne Peters has a LOT of other books out, and... I dunno. Finding Yaoi and Yuri Manga is NOT hard.

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I thought I already posted th

I thought I already posted this but...

The Phoenix by Ruth Simms... its an amazing read. truely...

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A must read for lesbians is

A must read for lesbians is Annie on my Mind, and very similar to it is New Moon rising.

There is also Dare, Truth, or Promise. Also, the Bermudez Triangle is very good for questioning youth.

Books such as The Full Spectrum and Am I Blue? that are complied stories are also excellent.

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