Growing Up

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Recently, I've felt that my life is taking a turn, in the right direction, debatable. I feel less oblivious to the world around me and the point of my heart beating. Many a tear have been shed, thinking about just that.

What's the point of worrying?

Thing is, I don't know. I can flip in my music, rant about crazy shit and dream about a new guy every fucking month. It appears that my life is constantly changing, but if you can back away and look at it from far away, there's not been anything new since I found out I was gay.

So do we live for change?

Why not? We sure do love the 'C' word. If you're sane.

I think we live to love?

So, if we live to love, then we love to care. We love to carress and to be carressed, and if Science is correct, then we care to have sex. To reproduce. Are we bred to just breed more? Destroy the Earth and others? For love? To worry?

I'd rather die.

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hmmm... life is weird, it lik

hmmm... life is weird, it likes to throw you around... make you think your going one way and then "f" you over.... especially when your finding your way in the world... life can suck at times... no doubt about that.... we all have gone through those.... but those who are veterans of the teenage or coming out stage (either one could apply) will tell you that eventually there is a light at the end of the tunnel... it may take some working too, but, atleast, i think it is worth it. (sides, you cant quit till your in college... college is awsome.... plus there is something about the guys its.... invigorating)

and on the issue of sex... and at the risk of angering many people, i believe gayness... (homoness, homosexuality) is natures way of population control...

All i can say is, i think love is worth the SH|T you deal with, i do think life is worth the SH|T you deal with... you never know, there is always the possibility of reality meeting fantasy.... that is ofcourse unless you take the easy... cheap way out...

Obediance is Victory.
Victory is Life.

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There are only two animals

who enjoy sex for the pure purpose of just sex
and not procreation...That they are both primates
is not unusual eather...Human and the bobo monkey.
True that there are exceptions in the animal kingdom
where there are gay animals ( Ie penguins, swans, monkeys, cows. pigs, ducks, horses, etc) but that is not the subject...the subject here
is sex for the puropse of just getting off and feeling good
with out procreation...Of course the christian right and idiots
will tell you diff..That you dont find that in nature...
but tell that to the penguins then...Sex is is makes both feel releaves stress...reduces pimples and zits can be done with out a partner or by your self...
it can be done in more than one orfice of the body...
or not...and it just plain feels good to do it..often...
So do it right and do it often....with me!
Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense.