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well i work with this guy his name is matt, dont get me wrong his really sweet when he wants to be, well he used to be sweet! Anyway we went to school together and me being 15 and him being 16 he is a grade above me. Anyway we get along really well. he waslike my best friend, anyway we made a pact not to talk to each other at work, and yeah, tonight he got the firehose and sprayed me right on the chest, silly me was wearing a pink bra and my top went see through. I got pissed of cause i stil had to work even though my top was drenched, and yeah. i was leaning over the table, cleaning up the mess (im a waitress)
when who should grab me around the waist but matthew. ARGH. :S. i yelled at him strait away and told him to get off me, but NOOOO he was not letting me go, and by this time he was moving his hands up my belly upwards..... and ARGH i couldnt move so i swung my foot forward and with all my force in my right leg i pelted it back and got him where it hurts,*lucky i have strong legs from netball! :P* and he was almost cring it was funny. But the jerk then had the nerve to say ' i love you when your angry' so i told him 'if you ever touch me again i swear you will have no balls.' and omg, thats when he turned me around realy fast and kissed me' so what i did was i picked up the bowl of jelly on the table and droped it on his head, he might be taller but i can jump high when needed. Then i got the floor cleaner and poured it in his drink. Hope he suffers. FUCKING HELL. All guys are the same. Well most of them are.

and this is the reason why girls are much beter, they dont do that.


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Men suck

Guys actually DO that in real life?? I thought this kind of thing only happened on soap operas! Ick, ick, ick. You have my sympathies. Nice job with his drink, though! I wish I had the guts to do that.

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Yes, yes we do

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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O, that really sucks. I let m

O, that really sucks. I let my guy friends do stuff like hug me every once in awhile and they'll sometimes put an arm around my shoulders which makes me a bit uncomfortable. But if any guy did that, I would have done the exact same thing. Very nice. I would have finished beating the crap out of him though.

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*Applauds the nut-kicking, je

*Applauds the nut-kicking, jelly-dumping, drink-altering, and otherwize ass-kicking skillz* That's awesome. Great job. And guys really are disgusting.

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