Here, here!

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Well well well.... For some reason I feel like I want to talk on here, but I really can't think of anything at all to talk about!

Hmmm....ok! I went into a store late at night a couple days ago and when I went in I was surprised at how busy it was for how late it was. So I made a little face, not a really noticable one, when I walked in the door and some girl standing in line smiled at me. It wasn't a normal smile either, she smiled at me before I looked at her and then kept smiling when I looked at her and I was the first to look away. I took it as good and continued on my way....That is about the only thing that has happened for awhile hehe! Nothing really, but I twisted it in my head to make me feel good!

I have been feeling way more settled about myself now that I have come out to two of my friends now. The one I was most scared to come out to included! So now I pretty much only have one more friend to tell thats scary and another that isn't so scary. Then maybe I can just be out!....Maybe not though....maybe I'll just wait until I move so I'm not remembered in my home town as "a lesbian". AND maybe not because I still really, really don't want anyone in my family to know! The only one I think I may tell someday is my sister, but no other family! Ah well I'm good with just being settled for now!

Now my problem is that I really want to go out with someone! Before I didn't care because I was still trying to force myself straight and hide in the closet, but now I'm ready! I feel that because there are not many other gay girls around here that I know of, I feel like "Why would she choose me?" I don't know....I just can't think of how I could meet a girl a normal way and not have to over the internet. Feels like its never going to happen!

HEY! I found stuff to talk about! How about that!