hey i made a really bad decision

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ok i asked my crush to the movies wit me on friday so i can tell her then i asked her to go wit me the following friday to a church thing im scared kinda...cuz wat if seh gets all mad at me and dont want to come or wat if she all nervous and dont want to come but if she does come and is nervous im goin to be seriously uncomfortable(i get uncomfortable around people who a nervous by me cuz im not comfortable if i cant be myself around peeps so im uncomfortable)so i dont know if i should wait to tell her after the thing that nite or tell her this friday but i kinda i wanna do it that next friday cuz im leavin that nite afterwards to o.k ponca city so i dont know wat to do so like..so tell me wat u think??


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i think you should tell her..

i think you should tell her....worst case she wont come to the church thing right?
man i wana know what you look like!

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i agree

I agree with adam! You should take the chance if you think that she might like you back.

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Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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Who is more nervious you or her?

It seems that the other two agree as do I just
ask her to the thing on Fri and go...After its over tell
her how you feel about her...All that can happen is she
will tell you to go to Heck or something but at
least then you know where you stand and how she feels
honisty is the best policy they say..
good luck
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