I don't belive him.

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I don't belive him at all. My dad was threatining to commit suicide today, and he seemed damn serious about it. But we got him to calm down a little.

And then he fell asleep for a little while, or at least he looked like he was sleeping.

And now that he's awake he's claiming to be somebody different, and that my dad died. Why is he doing this to me!? Everything was going so well and then the other day he just blew up, and now this.

I want my dad back. I want him to act normal again.


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Are you alone with him?

I think you need to get some help,it sounds like he has some psychological problems,and it might not be safe for you to be around him if his behaviour has become so strange and unpredictable.
Maybe he needs to get some treatment so you can get your dad back.

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