(i dont like that part of u)......how could she say that????

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gosh i need some inspiration im like stuck like chuck and u would think i would have some but i dont and it wierd i mean ok here r some stuff that should give me inspiration: bestfriend tells me she hate the gay part of me (well jeez thats like completely hate me). i cant stop think of my former crush who lives in cali while im here in tex and who i havent talk to since like may. and to top all this off my bestfriend is sendin me mix signals

ok bout bf lets start this all the way to teusday (may add in text bout some older parts)we were at a game as cheerleaders and there was a girl in tha crowd that i sed was hot and well at half time, while we were gettin food and not around alots of people, i say to her gosh so and so is hot and she goes no she not her chin is big and i say her chins cute and she says her chins 5 times bigger than mine...then she say do u like my chin i go no and she stops and i go gosh i was jk i luv ur chin and she smiles and keeps moving ok now to wensday she gets mad when i start to talk bout my crush who lives in cali cuz im talkin bout how she mad me feel and stuff and well today as we walk to class i say man im losin my tast i guess it cuz im sad over not bein able to have the person i know and then she says i hate that part of u and i was so shoked i didnt say anythin but i luv that part of me its me but wat i reall should have sed was then u hate me and walked away but i was shocked and really slow on come baks so yeah


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Hey, from what I can tell, at least she's still willing to hang out with you. I'd say not to talk about girls while you're around her. Do you hang with her all the time? If you do, maybe you should try and find some friends that you can talk to about your day-to-day feelings for girls.

Last year I told my best friend that I hang out with all the time about my being a lesbian. She asked if I was serious, and I said yes. She got really quiet for a few minutes and then said, "That's nice." We've never talked about it again. Your friend may not "like that part of you", but at least she's honest enough to admit it. To this day, I haven't figured out whether my friend is okay with me or not.

~~Gay And Here To Stay~~

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i think she has like a crush on u or something, well that what i think.

~~i wish i had magic~~
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