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Sora came over for a little while, when I let her in she looked so sad, and she asked if she could talk to me alone for a minute. Her grandma is dying of cancer, and dosen't have much time left. She kept saying that she ran over because she knew I'd make her feel better, and that it was working, and that I'm a great friend, though I'm still not sure what I did. The whole thing was very akward and emotional, and I felt bad because I didn't know what to say. Though I'm glad that my being there could help.


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I been reading your posts abo

I been reading your posts about Sora and all. Yeah, work her close to you, so that when you come out to her, she'll be cool with it; ditching you won't really be an option.


No pain.

No worry.

No suffering.


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i remember i had a best guy f

i remember i had a best guy friend and he hadnt given back my comic book and i got mad and started yelling at him and he said "youre yelling at me about your stupid book and you dont even care that my grandpa just died?" (it was around thanksgiving) and i felt awful...and i wondered if i was a bad friend because i didnt know that but then i thought maybe i wasnt a good enough friend for him to tell.

so you obviously mean a lot to her if she told you. (my story kinda...was off topic-ish)

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Its cool that you were there

Its cool that you were there for her. Good friends are hard to come by. Its always hard when someone is dying you just have to be supportive and listen to them even though its kind of wierd sitting there and wondering what the hell your supposed to say.

lie down in a field if you can
look at the night sky
oh, where does it end?
sometimes it hurts when you
care about me
but it’s going to hurt more when
they take you away from me
we have go to take cover, brother