I'll Get Over You..... And Tha (Remix)

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Ill Get Over You

my heart is poundin to tha beat,and i cant believ a got cold feat.
but i do cuz i get it everytime im around u, thinkin of u, talkin bout u...ooo...i got it bad,man. but hey my heart is still urs. even though u keep on brakin it, shakin it, and makin it. but hey now i know i cant have you, even though my feelins jus wont go away its like some kinda plaue,so im always sick,sick wit you,sick wit love, but hey dont worry cuz i dont need a cure, and someday ill get over you.

Ill Get Over You (Remix)

my heart is poundin to tha beat and i do believ i got cold feet,see r friendship was tight untill u thought i should change. i know im over you cuz of this pain, the pain of lettin go is so derange, but hey bak to tha point, wat u sed hurt alot, so hey like me fix'em cuz maybe then ull hear'em, number 1: is jus a trait, number 2 is jus my way,but when i was talkin bout changin, it wasnt that it was how i let people effect my act ,but u know wat i aint done cuz im gonna pick this up and run, i am who i am, i didnt choose it and i aint bout to lose it , so if thats not normal enough for u than i dont know wat is, now last and least dont ever hesitate to invite me to ur things, but hey thanks naive ways im over you and maybe this freindship is too.

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