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I'm wondering when the next time just Sora (My BFF/crush) will come over, because her sisters keep coming along. It's not that I don't like her sisters, but I want to sepnd some time with just her. At least long enough to come out to her.

My cousin and I were talking last night, I had the perfect oprotunity to come out to him but I didn't because he would tell Sora and I want to be the one to tell her. But I haven't had the chance. (Mostly because I keep forgeting or when I do remember there's other people (who I don't want to tell yet) in the room.) And now I'm upset at myself for wasting previous oprotunities. Oh well, it'll happen eventually.

What's annoying is I don't know why I can't come out to her. I mean, I can't imagine a negitave reaction coming from her. Though It'd be a little annoying if she said something like "I knew it." Which I'm actually sort of expecting at this point because I haven't really acted very straight at ALL.

Actually, she asks me "are you gay" on a regular basis, it's just that when she does it's through e-mail or something and I can't tell if she means in chatecter or out of charecter. Mabye I should ask her to clarify.

Hrrrmmmm... I'm going to take a walk, it helps me to think, especialy when it's chilly out.

So anyone have any tips for coming out and being less nervous in genral?


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Make sure that you're truly p

Make sure that you're truly prepared for whatever might come of it. It doesn't seem like there would be any problem so that's good. I was really nervous before telling people too. I didn't get over that until I had told all of the most important people. When you're ready, just do it. Good luck!

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my advice...

hmmm i never actually had to come out to my friends by talking cause i did it over the internet and then through a t-shirt to the whole school so ill try to give you my best advice but it may not be very good. (that was a run-on sentence) Youre right about wanting to get her alone and in person cause its easier that way. Id say just start talking about homosexuality and be like "ya gay people are cool oh did i mention im one". And i think you said you liked her right? If it goes well just tell her you have a crush on her also. Because from your other journals it kinda sounded like she was gay too. But i dont know her so... Good luck. Coming out to peole is always scary.

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