its hard to come up with titles

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Have you ever made a mix for a old girlfriend/boyfriend and then broken up with them and now you cant listen to those songs because it just feels awkward and they dont have the same meaning anymore? Well thats what is happening with me. The worst part is I really liked those songs I mean they were my favorite. maybe with time I'll finally get over it. For now its just wierd.
On another note I start school tomorrow. I hope that there is atleast one hot girl who is out as a lesbian or bisexual. I dont think i can take it if there isnt. I have to have someone to occupy my time and daydream over while im bored in class. And i cant have it be a straight person. I am sick of falling for straight people. It never works out good. I am so happy Sb is gay friendly cause if it wasnt id switch schools. What can i say im a teenager. I have raging hormones.
Im going to join the GSA even though i hate the stereotype that just cause im gay means im going to join. i know im wierd like that. atleast that way I'll know whos offlmits and who isnt.
Im going to go to outright vt. My extremely awesome straight friend said shed go with me. So now im just waiting for the right time to go.
I hate being 13 and a freshman. Actually i hate my birthday being in october. This is like the one semester out of my whole highscholl career that I will actually be able to get a job and im too young. Child labor laws suck. Well atleast i this case. other times id be completely supportive.