Jeez I Did It I Told My Crush

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oh gosh i dont know wat to do its wierd though i mean like she asked if it was her and i sed yes but now i dont know wat to do cuz we were on the computer and her mom can read our conversations and yall but like i wish i knew wat she was thinkin of at that time, cuz i know im still pissed at her i got over her yesterday when she told me she was hestatin to invite my to her brithday party (which pissed me off cuz im her bestfriend) and then when she told me she wish i was normal so im like pissed and over her but so i really dont care if she doesnt like me but now i feel really free lika bird i feel like a burden is off of my chest so yeah but i feel kinda sad though that she didnt say anythin bout it...i dont know next time i think ill ask her wat she thought when i told her...byz


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Hey im glad you made that ste

Hey im glad you made that step I have done it only teice in my life knowing they were straight.It was driving me crazy and I explained how I know they are straight and don't expect things but had to say something. Good job.
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Well that was confusing. But well done

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