Just great :(

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My dad took my favorite bird
outside (what a dumbass) knowing it
can fly and of course it got
lost so now I've lost a pet, I don't
have a boyfriend, and things are


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I'm sorry to hear that!I don'

I'm sorry to hear that!I don't know what else to say,just thought I'd comment to let ya know I feel bad for ya:(

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what's dying???? hey, think

what's dying????
hey, think about it this way, the bird will probably miss you but enjoy it's new found happiness...plus it can shit whereever it wants to now

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There is an old saying...

"I took my dove out doors and let it go...If it returns to me
it is mine to care for....If not It was not mine
at all" It means that freedom is freedom For man
or animal...Enjoy and rejoyce in the freedom your pet has
found...I am sure you will see it in the area for many
days and months to come until it finds its mate
and lives on to pass on to another generation...
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