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So... life. My parents want me to go see a psychiatrist and put me on happy pills. I dont get it. I mean im not depressed. I just happen not to want to do a bunch of stuff with my parents anymore. Newsflash im a teenager its not the funnest thing to be hanging out with your parents. I dont get it. When I actually was depressed in 7th grade and was actually hurting myself they didnt notice anything. And now when im jsut tired and want to do my own thing they freak out. Parents are confusing.
I have physical therapy tmrw and I really dont want to go. Its at 9 in the morning. I can not be physically active at 9 in the mornigg its just to hard for me. I know I should suck it up. What can i say im good a t complaining. I really dont expect people to comment on this cause cuase if i was reading this id think that the person writing this complains too much. which youre probably right. Well atleast for today i try to be optimistic on other days. Ya im just going to stop typing before I freak you out more from talking to myself.


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You dont

Some times parents read us wrong and think we need
all kinds of phyic help when we dont...yet they do do it out of love for us....Go to the shrink and tell him/her what you will...
Let it go at that...Remember we know you are alright and not crazy like I
dont worry...
be happy...
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that of common sense.

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If you go see the psychiatris

If you go see the psychiatrist, don't have your parents in the room at the same time as your session. Just have it one-on-one, you and the shrink. Chances are he/she won't prescribe you anti-depressants if you aren't abnormally depressed. Like you said, it's normal for teenagers to distance themselves somewhat from their parents. You should be fine. Just don't let your parents walk in and go like, "My kid needs Prozac right now!" . . . remember, one-on-one.