lost her...

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i had a dream the other night about this girl (lets call her C) & C is the girl in my other posts who i had so much in common but she kinda like...dumped me. okies well anyways.

i had a dream & she was in it. i don't remember the the whole thing but i see her face and everything but its all hazy lol. but yea. the part i do remember is that i decided to call her and when i did she asked "so now you realize?" and i automatically said "yes". idk what the hell thats about but my unconscience self did. weird. so we talked and decided to meet up with each other & i guess get back together.
i just remember being so damn HAPPY except when i woke up and realized that it was only a dream, and will only be a....dream. =(

bummed me out real bad. from that day that we grew apart to now, i just can't stop thinking about her. i feel like i can get what is lost back but idk what it is & would probably feel a lil weird/awkward 'cause its been almost a month since i last talked to her...normally, messages here and there but it doesn't feel the same anymore. i just wish that i could go back in time and try to correct whatever i did wrong.

it makes me sad 'cause inside i know that i lost something so GOOD, but i guess it was true that IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE...REAL/TRUE. damn.