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Is it the heat or what? That's what has got me convinced. Cause, last night I was thinking, this girl asked me out maybe a month ago, and I said no. But last night she wasn't looking to bad. But I emailed my friend, and didn't ask that girl out, it was the sane thing to do.

Well, today I was at the book store, it was really hot and my brother was thirsty, he claimed to have no money so I offered to buy him a drink. I get to the cash register and I can't find my wallet, so I sent my brother to the car to get it. He can't find it. When I went out to get it, the lady that parked next to us said she found a wallet that she described it (matched my own description of my wallet) and said she turned itinto the front of the bookstore. I thanked her. Jumped for joy. And got my wallet. Gosh that was scary.

I had been thinking for a while that I was going to come out to my family this year around my birthday. And well, it's getting to be that time. The thing is, my family lives in all places of the country and I even have relatives that live overseas(Korea!). So I'm sending them a greeting telling them I'm gay, I'm going to make them all and send them myself. My parents don't need to get into it. Yes, I know I should tell them, but I don't want to. They would make it worse, they would call and tell my family before I could get the greetings out.
I want to do this my way. After all, my parents aren't the gay ones, I am. I get to tell people. It's bad enough I didn't get to tell some people, certain friends, they had to hear from friends I had told. I want to be out, but I want to be the one that tells people, selfish I know.


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Glad you got your wallet back

Glad you got your wallet back!

Thinking you are beautiful is like an oreo cookie. You either love the inside, The outside, or the entire thing.

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Yay found your wallet in the end! I must say that is quite an interesting way to come out!! I hope it all works out for you!

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)