Matt's Song

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There’ll be no white flag
Flying at the dawn
There’ll be no tears
Clouding these eyes
And blanketing the sun
With a shimmering cloak
Dissolving its glory in
A rush of human rain
Like stained glass
Swimming in my
Ruined vision
There’ll be no weakness
Stealing into
My thundering heart
And tainting regal blood
With dirty hypocrisies
Like venom through my veins
More lethal to a warrior
Than spears gilded with
Odium’s reckless power
I will fight on
And rage
Against the darkness
Threatening consumption
And grand theft hope
My chin will reach
Heights that
Baffle the mountains
And my heart
Will taste melodies
So sweet to the soul
That the sirens will weep
Their brilliance eclipsed
And deceptions unleashed
My spirit will shine
Brighter than the
Cosmos’ fury
At the passing of an
Aging star
And how the bells ring
Victory in my ears
An impossible anthem
Born into reality
From the womb of
My unstoppable soul
Look at me and
For my burning eyes scream
I am invincible


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Hi I really like your poem,I

Hi I really like your poem,I like the language you use in it

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