Melancholy and the Infinite sadness

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I'm in such a weird mood.I'm not happy or sad I'm just kind of walking around in a daze.I don't know why,I
just get weird sometimes.I think I'm having a I want to be a recluse week.It's weird.
It's still kind of bothering me that my friend is ignoring me,even though she said its nothing to do with me
I am the only person she isn't speaking to.I've asked a couple of my other friends and they said they didn't
know,but I think one of them does and wont say.Its just frustrating,and I think thats partly why I'm in a
weird mood.
I also have to go out tonight to a party and I'm just not in the party vibe :(,but my other friends will be
offended if I don't.Ah well better go get ready.


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Hah--I know the feeling. I k

Hah--I know the feeling. I know, it sucks...I also get really restless and frusterated at myself...self-loathing sucks...(P.S.-love the S.P. allusion).

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