Mm short update

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Okae pplz, everything's been going alright for me~ I got awarded academic honours this week which is always a plus.

On the other hand though... I've been feeling really down last weekend with really no one to talk to.. and I did some things that even scared myself. I talked to my english teacher on Monday about the whole thing and she recommended me to see our school counsellor (again). So yeah, that's why I'm seeing him tomorrow. I hope things don't mess up.

Hmm yeah, other than that.. I've been getting on extremely well with my friends at school. I'm reasonably out now... and occasionally I get homophobes trying to harrass me... but I could care less. I made a few more new friends in the past week too... which is pretty awesome. But because most of them are girls, I get some people who insist I'm bi instead of gay. It annoys the hell out of me because occasionally it does confuse me again after I've been so sure I am gay.

Mm something else is that tomorrow there's three events in the eveing and I dno which one to go to... some of you can help me decide I guess.

The first one is this rock concert at our school... apparently a few of my friends wanted me to go.. but the ticket is quite expensive and transport is very difficult for me to access that late at night... but I still want to go.

HOWEVER, there's this OTHER concert at this church youthgroup thing happening also tomorrow... these two other friends wanted me to tag along... if I went.. I can also finish my report for this church assignment. But that's due in 7 weeks... so not a big rush.

My last option is going to my dance group... my crush will go.. and so will a few of my other friends... the thing is it's on every week. But what bothers me is the dance teacher goes insane if anyone misses a class... and most likely next time I go back she'll go insane (lyk I said).

Mm I have no idea which one to go to..


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I think I'd go with whichever

I think I'd go with whichever group of friends you get along best with

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The crush is going to the dance group. So go that one, Tyler sounds cute. Although if V (sorry, can't remeber his name) isn't going perhaps it's not best for you to to be around. Not saying that you would try anything I'm glad you respect Tyler and V man. Only just got back from holiday and read your latests journals - nice love triangle you've been developing since I left.
And I'm glad things are better with occaisonal mega-depressions. Carry on through dude

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lol i swear it's not a triang

lol i swear it's not a triangle anymore... it's more like a bloody messed up pentagon...

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Hey they haven't even invented the word for the bizaare little shape that's appeared here. I'm very impressed with it. A 'Maxigon' I shall call it

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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So it is Tyler then?

Well, sounds like it's still a little but I'm glad u respect Tyler and V...I like the name raining men gave ur little love triangle, a maxigon...

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Go to....

Go to the one that you think you'll have the most fun at! By the way congrats on coming out to all your friends!!

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here's my opinion...

Either go to the rock concert though it is expensive, as it sounds fun, or go to the dance thing that your crush is going to...By the way, which crush is this??? Just have fun and do what you want...sounds like ur gonna have a fun time either way though...later.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman