More random stuff.

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It's meee! Again... And I'm about to blab here again... Just thought I ought to warn you.

My best friend/ crush, Sora. (her nickname) is like, always getting in trouble over chores. Apparently she's been cutting chores or doing a half-assed job at them to see me. And she keeps getting in trouble for it. It's kind of really annoying. She already can't sleep over, soon enough I won't be able to see her much. ._. She's so... Implusive? Reckless? Cute? Ooops. >_>'

Yesterday we went to this thing at the mall, I sung on a stage in front of lots of people... (According to other people I sang well.) I danced with Sora on the same stage in front of less people. Roxas (Soras sister) was also there, we all got hanna tattos, You know the crown on Soras necklace? We got that shape. It's cool. And we saw this singer live, (she was really cute) and we listened to music (they had the KH OST but I didn't have the money? (Yes I'm obsessed.. >_>') and read manga and ate a yummy pizza. It was really fun. And I met a friend at the mall, someone I knew from an Anime Convention. And it was all free besides the pizza. *nod*

We (Sora and I) were watching Vandread today. I love that series so much. We saw the cristmas special, and there was this tape, of a lady with a baby and a daughter and then... *insert dramatic music here* A man walks in and sits next to them! *gasp* OMIGAWSH! a man and a woman living in the same house! =O XD It was so funny. They all acted like it was so weird. But it was such a cute episode, and Sora and I were like "Awwwww, that's so cutee!" Since we're girls and we do that. >_>

And you probably don't care but I changed my wallpaper today, It was Death Note, but now it's a Kingdom Hearts fanart collage. It's kind of a mess but whatever, it's fun! =D

Errr, I still haven't come out to Sora, I haven't really had the chance... >_>' (Yeah, I'm making exucses. Lemme alone, It's going to be akward no matter what I do, so I might as well minimize the akward-ness.)

Besides the fact that Sora is a slacker (And getting herself into trouble) everything is going well right now. ^_^ Though I don't know if I want to tryout for the play or not anymore. I just want to find something to do since being homeschooled is boring... I'll think of something.