My highschools view on freshman

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I feel so loved.

Dear Freshmen...
- you're the lowest of the low, Here are just a few helpful words of advice:
- 1) You are Not cool.
- 2) Everyone Does Hate You.
- 3) You are annoying.
- - Do not wear ripped jeans and an Abercrombie shirt because you want to make "a variety of friends."
- - Do not slick your bangs to your face and wear "bracelets" in you're ears because you think that you're Hood.
- - Sex doesn't make you cool, and if you do have sex don't tell anyone. Nobody cares, really.
- - You are a F-R-E-S-H-M-A-N.. not a "Freshie".. shut up you sound gay.
- - Don't think you're smart because you filled up water bottles with vodka and snuck it onto your 8th grade field trip. We've all done it.. so don't be proud.
- - Don't try the Emo scene. Just don't do it.
- - DO NOT think that the upperclass girls/guys are your best friends.
- - Don't think that you have privacy now that you're in high school. Once you're here, your business is everyone's business, yes there IS still drama, probably even more.
- - Don't try to sit at upperclassmen lunch tables. You will be picked up and thrown onto the floor.
- - You'll never be as hott as the '07, '08, and '09 ppL. So don't try.
- - Don't try to act older than you really are. The way you walk, dress, and talk just has freshman written all over you.
- - You're "The Class of '10'" haha.. enough said.
- -If you are black, hispanic, etc. WE GET IT, You love your country! Thats peachy but dont make everything a race related issue because your poo still stinks.
- -PLEASE NO MORE XXXXL shirts and ridiculously baggy pants on skinny white kids, nobody likes white chocolate. Allow me to kick you in the face.
- - If you are going to try and rebel, it most likely won't work.
- - Don't be a slut. This should be the number one rule.
- - DO NOT crowd our halls like cattle, because the upper classmen can (& most likely will), push you out of the way. You will get hurt.
- - Don't try to get with a boy/girl who's older than you. Chances are, if they are attractive they are taken, & their girlfriend/boyfriend will have no problem effing you up.
- Welcome to hell.
- Believe me---You can't win. Have fun being a freshman...for a fun-filled year with no life and no opinion whatsoever.
- Sincerely,
- -The Classes of '07, '08, and '09


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well...i dont know if i've ev

well...i dont know if i've ever heard that, but those rules apply to basically every highschool. Its all good for freshman though, they can pick on next years noobies

We all must learn that there is never acceptance for anyone because the world will never like you.

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Did they actually hand this out or is this just a collection of views? They're pretty much all true for any highschool anyway, but thats funny if they actually handed this out!

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Ya they put it on myspace and

Ya they put it on myspace and it eventually got around to the freshman aka me.

Hooked up to the respirator.
It breaths life into my callused lungs.
My heart beats getting fainter.
I know my time has come.

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Finally a true welcome to high school guide

I am so sure hell isn't this bad. Oh yeah, I hate the emo scene now. I wish someone gave me that advice earlier. Also, remember to stay away from cheerleaders if you are not the cheerleader type. That should be common sense though. Oh yeah, high school is made for popular people, so if you are an outcast, this experience just got worse.
I feel so sorry for you.

"The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground." -Frank Zappa

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Uh... Lame

They are too obsessed with the fact that they are seniors..


No pain.

No worry.

No suffering.