My Type Of Crush And Other Stuff

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gosh im gonna write this down in my notebook laterz but gonna put it here gosh every girl i have fallin for has a secret and i guess thats why i fall for'em cuz im a curious girl and..well im not noisy i wont like go into peeps stuff or stuff like that first crush in 4th grade had a secret hers was that there was somethin up wit her adoptive parents (i like who changes theyer adoptive kids name while they in 1 grade and then sed them bak to the same school) and then my crush in 6th grade had a secret to but hers was that she was confused bout her sexuality... and now my crush for 7th grade shes umm well she confusin..sends out mix signals but somethings up wit her...she too innecent and naive to not have a secret i mean stuff happenes...idk i guess i like those mysterious type...but all this points to tha fact that i havent had a boy crush since 3rd grade and im not even sure if that was a crush or a repressing from reality crush...

so yeah but my crush now,7th grade crush, i dont know why i like her shes such a prep.. when i met her i thought "jeez me and her arent gonna be friends" but when my freind ,that i usaully hang wit, droped me cuz she thought i was hittin on her man (thats funnylol) well me and my crush became friends and i dont know, she liked me, she found me different from her usual people to hang out wit and stuff well our friendship develop and.....i dont know i guess i started like'em her but i think its over times changes and so does feelin i think i still like her bout not as much...besides new year new students new optunities....idk..idk if im over her or not she jus called me and she sed she knew who i like but she didnt tell me who...i do know our friendship isnt like it was last year cuz she jus told me she wish i was normal and well i am normal i am yeah

ok i have this one dream that i want so bad to happen before im 16 this may sound stupid and yall but i would totally luv to do it at school wit someone of course yeah hope it happens byz


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rofl...dude...were you just w

rofl...dude...were you just writing down exactly the words in u'r head??/ damn that was hard to understand. what shall i say here...hmmm.....i dunno, it sounds like it's quite possible that she likes you back, especially if she rang saying she knows who you have a crush on but wont tell you, it means she either heard gossip or she has no fucking idea but she actually thought it might force it out of you. why don't you jsut be upfront with her?? tell her how you feel..tis obviously eating you up inside.