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Seeing as how im new i thought id just say hi to everyone out there. My names Kaleigh. Im not really a big fan of calling myself a lesbian (it sounds like a disease and i dont ever think loving someone can be classified as a disease.) so im just gonna say that i only like girls. So, hi.


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Hey there...

... and welcome to Oasis.

Hope you find your way around, and the support you need. People here are friendly overall, so it should't be a problem.

Good luck,

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meow! WELCOME NEW KID! i'm just gonna call you new kid, i can't pronounce that name....
anyway, i'm adam, coolest, sexiest, nicest, most....awesome person on oasis, and the world. hope u have fun here as well as whatever else you have planned for us! heheh.
hm yeh and a word of warning, some of the bitches aren't too nice to new kids, so....ignore the fuckers, just yell abuse at them for a lil while and ask me for help, i like abuse yo! (kidding). but seriously, just enjoy u'rself, most of us are great ppl.

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Howdy!! Don't feel the nee


Don't feel the need to define me...I can define myslef

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"The cure is if you let in ju

"The cure is if you let in just a little more love
I promise you this, a little's enough" - AVA

yeah yeah we got someone new....hello this place is fun and peeps r nice me if u ever want to talk (that pretty much wat everyone says when someone knew comes) lol

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Be good...

Or I just might have to kill you.


No pain.

No worry.

No suffering.


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Hey I agree with you on the l

Hey I agree with you on the lesbian thing well welcome if you ever want to talk just send me an im or message. Have a great time here its helped me tons.
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Welcome,its really cool on here!!

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Welcome to Oasis! Its wicked

Welcome to Oasis! Its wicked awesome here...and Adam try not to scare the new people. ;)

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Thanks everybody.(and thinks

Thanks everybody.(and thinks for the nickname adam). Everybody here seems pretty cool.

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