New School...sigh..

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Today, I started at my new school. I was actually quite excited at first to meet new people and go to school downtown. It's called, roughly translated, "The Cathedral School." And no, it has nothing to do with religion...

Anyhow, the school is the hardest one of its kind to get into, but with my grades, that was never an issue.. not to brag or anything.
I dressed up a little nicer than usual for the first day, my mind firmly set on making a good first impression. Met Camilla for breakfast half an hour before; the buttom line is I was as ready as ever.

Then I show up.

Not only were there no familiar faces, (except for like 3 ppl) there were literally no guys. Since it's an elite school, and since the stardards are so high, it seems almost no guys had gotten in. When I counted there were maybe 5 guys in each class, together with 25 girls. The testosterone was practically non existant. As if that wasn't enough, most of the girls were arrogant and bitchy, or shy, nerdy and antisocial people, entrenched in some book.

I wanted to scream.

So, with all my hopes of finding some cute gay guys crushed, I'm clinging to the fact that I have soemwhat decent teachers, which will be a first. Still, the comfort is small.


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Yeah I beleive top schools can be like that. Very useful career wise but not very enjoyable. Sorry about the guys. Glad to see your alive though

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Wow I'd love to get into a to

Wow I'd love to get into a top school like that, bitchy antisocial people and all! I think your grades being that high are something to be really proud of, especially when you have to deal with more being a gayboi :o. I started off in private schools and never found them too bad at all, except I never got into sports and made friends with all the girls and started up loads of drama for attention or some such. In a lot of ways I'd be happier with more girls at school just because there's really few guys I've met that I can connect with on a friendship level and them not think of me as too 'gay' or weird or just not get some witty remarks here or there. No guys does have it's downsides though :( But think of it this way... the undoubtedly many gay guys there will notice you even more now and be drawn to you and most assuredly fall for you before the month is out! And the girls will all be vying for your attention too! Or maybe not, but hey it's a fresh start and everyone's smart and damn there's a rhyme back there and I know you knew it was there. Have fun at the new school, make loads of friends and just put yourself out there!

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet.

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I went through that EXACT same thing.
Ok, so all except for
the guy thing, since I'm a girl.
But yeah, I hardly knew
anyone and it was hard for
me (the schoolwork was confusing)
which has NEVER been an issue
for me since I've always
had straight a's.
EVERYBODY was bitchy snobs.
That sucked.
Everything I had always
thought, seen, and
heard from the people
in the school had changed.
This year we have
dress code, no refreshments,
and homework. (which they
had none of that last year
when I visited for a day).
It is also currently
being held in what used
to be a church. But
again, it has NOTHING
to do with religion.
yeah, I was
really excited about
all of it until I started
class this morning and
discovered all of it...

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon