Now I'm mad at myself.

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I accidentally got Sora (My BFF/Crush) in trouble again. She comes over or at least calls me every day and today she didn't so I went over there and talked to her outside for a while, and her parents came home (Her Uncle was over) and her step mom said something about her being in trouble for seeing me, she mentioned that I came over, she didn't go get me, and her step mom seemed kinda upset. I guess she got herself in trouble and I just made it worse for her. Though I'm still kind of worried that her step mom dosen't like me.

The thing is, this trouble streak is recent. And whats worse is at this rate I'm not going to get the oprotunity to come out to her, because she won't be able to come over. I would have told her while we were outside but I'm sure someone would have overheard, especialy since the windows nearest us were open.

Today we were talking about the future again. (My least favorite subject. Since I'm not sure weather I even want to go to college or not since I'm so used to teaching myself everything I need to know.) And she mentioned that seirously, she would get her own apartment but come over all of the time, unless we both didn't have children, then we could share a place. (No comments from me. I probably would have said the wrong thing.)

I hope shes not grounded again, my house is so boring annnd... I really need some other friends in this area don't I? I'm going to work on that..


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well is she actually in troub

well is she actually in trouble? like do you know for sure?

***love the number 7***

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No I don't, but this kind of

No I don't, but this kind of thing happens more often than I'd like it to. Normally over her slacking off and not doing/finishing her chores. And from what I saw she was definetly told earlier that she wasn't allowed to see me/come outside/whatever.

And if it's not because she's in trouble that would mean that her step mom has something against me and I don't like to think that. I REALLY don't like to think that. And plus the former is much more likley.