Oh god

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I'm having a bit of a breakdown right now. I've decided to be out at school and I'm soo fucking scared. I have to do it though. If I do then maybe I can make a difference for some other students. I'm really hating the thought of going back to school, it's been the root of my depression for the last three years. I just don't think that I can go on with being the loner who noone listens to. The good girl. The quiet one. But if I break out of that role then there is going to be a lot of shit for me to deal with. I'm also worried about my little brother. He's coming to the same school as me this year too. So whatever I do is going to affect him. Oh ya. If I haven't mentioned it yet, I think that he may be "not quite straight". So, ya. I'm going to go try to calm down now. Wish me luck.


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Good luck!!! coming out is so

Good luck!!! coming out is soooo scary. And it sounds like your school is not so friendly to gays. You will make a difference though. Maybe you should talk to your brother first before you do anything.

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I'm in the same kind of spot.

I'm in the same kind of spot... trying to be out at school, not the brother thing. I would reccomend good ways to do it, but I haven't come up with any yet. My plan is just to come out to my friends, and then let what happens happen. Maybe wear a pride pin one day, and I'll totally do the Day of Silence. I've decided that since I don't want it to be a big deal to others, I won't let it be a big deal to myself.

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