ok so does anyone think they got this so called gaydar??

42% (11 votes)
27% (7 votes)
maybe (explain)
31% (8 votes)
Total votes: 26


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I really don't think there's such a thing as 'gaydar'.


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No worry.

No suffering.


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I said maybe, but i meant, "I

I said maybe, but i meant, "I dont know"

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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i like impressing my friends

i like impressing my friends by saying i do, by basicly just saying, that person is sooo gay... its my gaydar, lol, they know its a joke, so they laugh at me... but generally the only people i can tell are gay are the ones where someone who lives in a brick cube couldnt miss.... i suppose people who have been around other gay people more, or, for lack of better terms, have been gay longer have a better gaydar....

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When people say they have gay

When people say they have gaydar, they can usually only point out those who are painfully obvious. Everyone knows that the kid with the gay lisp, limp wrist, highlighted hair, designer jeans and a gay swagger is not straight.

My friend's mom, who thinks she has gaydar, once asked me (when she had just met me), "Are you flaming?"
I looked at her, as if she were asking a stupid question because... she was. "If I were flaming you wouldn't have to ask. You don't have gaydar if you can tell if people are flaming."

- One Nation, Under Darkness

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I think if you tend to be aro

I think if you tend to be around gay people more often then you find it easier to pick up when other gay people are around because you are more tuned into the subtle hints that may suggest someone is gay.

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