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So I got my wisdom teeth pulled this morning. Ya. Umm. It's unfreezing now. I knew that it would hurt but noone told me just how much. It was kinda a desgusting experience. The gas didn't quite work enough and I was reallly aware of the sound of them cutting my gums. Eew *shudder*. Ok. Bye now.


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Eep.. don't tell me this.. Al

Eep.. don't tell me this.. All four of mine are coming out the day after my last exam this year, December 5th... Now I'm scared lol

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That sucks

Hope you feel better soon:)

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so now your a dummy?

No wisdom left?...all gone?...lol
I lost mine at 20 in the military...they take them out
even if they are growing in right...and against your will
too....mine were in and fine...but they took all four at the same
time...with out telling me they were going to do it..
I hate the military for that...but I do remeber it really
didnt hurt much after they were removed...
oh well
glad your ok now..
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