Problems On The 2nd Day Of SChool

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ok anyways today was ok but i feel like im lost. totally lost well at lunch all i could think bout was her my exbf (well actually thats all ive been thinkin bout)....its complicated but i dont talk to her and well she doesnt talk to me but everyime im around her she looks at me...but i dont want to go talk to her idk i think i will though cuz i want her bak and its only been 2 lunch she was sittin by herself (her freinds were in tha lunch line) and i so badly wanted to go and jus say hey wats up or jus sit and be like watcha doin my usual self around her but im still hurt froom her and dont want to open up...if someone wants to know me they have to either force it out of me or jus read my stuff (not gonna hapened seein i got my notebook wit me all tha time)....well do u think i should get her birthday gift for her bday on friday??

Tell me watcha think!!

the one song that keep goin through my head cuz of it:Swing Swing: All American Rejects

the other one:Distractions By: Angels And Airwaves

another one: All I Got By: The Used