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Just some things I pondered over a bit of time that seem to work:
"It's okay to live in the moment. But never just
take it day by day."

"People who smile least need a smile the most."

"Most of what people think you would never
understand are the things that you most

"You have no reason at all to impress anyone
else. That is not why we were made."

"If people don't understand something
complicated, they will never ask you what it
means out of fear of a speech. They will never
think about it again because it's too complex
for them and therefore boring. It's then that
they start believing you're boring and start
ignoring you."


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well i will beleve thats true, cause i love laughing u know and is so fun, but people tell me that i'm really antysocial but when they really meet me they love me so, i gues u got lost of great points there, my image tours people is that i'm crazy but not in a bad whay in a good and mystic whay so...hey love ya(like a friend ok)... ;-)u got nice points theres

~~i wish i had magic~~
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My parents would love you rig

My parents would love you right now. They are always trying to give my family words of advice. Its cool. Since its coming from you and not my parents il use it. Thanks for the info.

lie down in a field if you can
look at the night sky
oh, where does it end?
sometimes it hurts when you
care about me
but it’s going to hurt more when
they take you away from me
we have go to take cover, brother

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Me Likey

Damn good quotes!


No pain.

No worry.

No suffering.