saturday (its currently saturday, 8:52 am)

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Well today is going to rock my socks! First up, i have netball today. At 10 for an hours non stop feirce trainin then the game that we are going to KICK ASS in! WOO! cant wait.
Netball.... you know what that meas? im vrs. the Merici girls. A private all girls school who think their the shit. The wear cute lil black netball skirts on the court. But there short skirts. not to mention they were g's under them... translation for americans 'thongs'. ... :P and all the girls are HOT HOT HOT! lol WOOO!!!

So while netballs on ill be having gr8 fun. Then im babysitting tonightt.... but it gets beter! My friend Alyce is sleeping over tonight! *YAY*! So yeah thats it.

But i know there is a negative about today.. im not going to get that one girl who i LURVE out of my mind. Like for example when im vrs. merici today ill be thinking something like ' hmmm if only that were aly......' haha ;P

i love you aly. i miss you aly. i admire you aly.

luvre your princess of mistakes, lisa-maree.

xoxoxoxo -NO THOSE ARE FOR ALEX NOT YOU! hehe.


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what about you adam? okay her

what about you adam? okay here 'xoxo' but thats all you'll ever get from me! hahahahahaaha! i love you adam!!! haha.