School Social + Birthday Dilema

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Okies, hey... it's me~ Well I'm just updating some crap agen...

I've been reli happy at school lately... friends all going along really really really well at school (although I do feel like making some more new friends in and outside of school). School work is going alright... some tests coming up but they're not so major... I can deal with them pretty easily.

So... there's this social at school tomorrow. Apparently it's the last one in my life tym so I decided I'd go. Yeah, so my friends keep asking whether I'm going to dance with a guy or girl at the social. But everyone knows I can't ask a guy to dance without being knocked in the face lol. So um yeah, I'm just gona dance with girls anywayz because reli its no big deal (except my guy friends make it seem lyk such a big deal for me to dance with girls). My guy friends still seem to doubt my being gay because I tend to get along with girls reli well (they call me "the gay pimp"). But blah blah blah hu cares about what they think. So yeah, I'm going to social and not going to dance group 2moro... I need to take a break from Tyler!

Then um, here's one messed up thing. Edward's birthday is tomorrow (Friday)... and like weeks ago I've been invited to his 'birthday out' on this Saturday and I promised I'd go. But just today Vic (You know?? Tyler's boyfriend in our really screwed up Maxigon??) invited me to go to his 'birthday out' too which is on this Saturday as well OmGZ (his bdae is already passed tho). So um, I want to go to Vic's one... but I promised Ed I'd go to his alreadi. But I mean, I can just bring Ed's present to school tomorrow and say I've got something else on Saturday and can't go (which is true). So um.. I dno, I think I'll do that. Let's just hope I don't bump into Ed when I'm at Vic's birthday... because apparently they're both set in the city.

Yeah, that's that. Omgosh arghghg social tomorrow!! Can't wait!


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shoot son!!!

Damn Max....The Maxigon just gets more complex....LOL....But hey dude, good to hear school isn't killing u...Wait! Ur back in school already??? Man I feel for doesn'nt start for me for another week or two...but anyway, ur dilema is complex...

If you need a break from Tyler, don't go to his party....However, if you want to go to tyler's party more, the other guy, Edward's b-day is on friday, right? Give the other guy the present on his actual B-day, chill w. him then, and say u've already got something going on this weekend and he'll have no reason to be mad at long as he doesn't find out you are ditching his party to go to your (Boyfriends'???) I dunno, dude, the decision is up to you...

But then again, if you need a break from Tyler, why are youu wanting to go to his party more? Especially when he is still dating Vic, even tho he obviously has feelings for you as well...Hmm, ur little love triangle is getting complicated as Good luck and have fun @ whichever party you attend. later

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Saying the same as hellonwheels here. Glad to here school is cool, and friends are all a bit closer
- it's a nice change to your recent times

The maxigon sounds like it's progressing nicely. We're going to have put that word in the dictionary.
I would go to Ed's party actually. You've been committed for too long. But get vic something cool and ivite him out to something (not that kinda something - we don't want the maxigon expanding even more) to make up for it.
Enjoy the parties my gay pimp (as I'm going to have to call you from now on)

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