School Sucks...And Rocks!!!!!

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ok so schools alrite its jus i feel so bad when i feel so good i know doesnt make sense (never does) ok ill explain wat i mean well (the Good) ive have atleast one of my freinds in evryone of my class, there some hot people in my classes and i have lots more people lookin at me and i feel awhole lot confident bout my sexuality and myself this year (as in i know wat i am and im stickin wit it)umm lets see oh i got transfered to adv. history on friday and i have a class wit like all girls and alot of my friends r in thay class....ok (The Bad) i havent talked to my bestfriend (which is my ex crush) since school started and im really sad.mad.feel bad. bout it i mean i have no one to talk to and well ahh...remeber that posted bout her gettin close to god....well so that means she droped some of her freinds and now im pissed bout that cuz (hey we had somethin thats doesnt mean leave it when u want to change apart of uand other bad new is that well there this girl in my home ec class and we both stare at each other like idk i jus wish she didnt cuz it kinda makes me uncomfortable like she can read me like im a open book....but she really a 7th grader

uhhh watcha think??


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If We Haven't Said It Enough...



No pain.

No worry.

No suffering.