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My dad was trying to get things set up so he and my mom could talk today, but my mom says she dosen't want too talk yet because she's not ready and she's going to end up saying things that she dosen't mean. My dad was a little upset when he heard the news. Only because he went through the trouble of calling up a friend to be a councler and setting up a place where they could talk.

Right now I'm thinking, what my parents need is some time away from eachother and to talk. Because my dad wants mom to come back, and my mom says she wants to come back once things settle down.

My little sister is handling this extremely well. I'm surprised at her. My sister is staying with my mom and I'm staying with my dad right now, only for the moment, because my mom needs someone with her, but my dad does too, well him and my aunt have been talking a lot, since if anyone knows my mom it's her twin sister.

We might be leaving the house for a few days, staying at a friends place, so mom can stay here instead of spending her money at a hotel. She was going to stay with a friend but her friends parents kicked her out. What my mom needs is some time to cool down, so she dosen't end up hurting my dad again. And my dad respects that. Which is good. Things may work out and they may not, but at this moment everyone wants my mom to come back, including my mom.

I don't know if I want to stay or leave though, I guess my dad needs me but the person I need is here. So mabye if I got a chance to talk to my friend before we left for a little while it'd be okay. Because I've been strong for my aunt, who needs it more than I do. And I guess that I need a place to dump. Which is why I'm writng here but... Well, I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.